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Board meetings are held throughout the year.  Active members in good standing are welcome to attend upon invitation.  Please contact the board Secretary to confirm the meeting time and location. Due to COVID-19, we are holding meetings virtually at this time.

We are currently in the process of re-structuring our Board into two corporations. UASA is the custodial or business corporation. This is a not-for-profit organization which donates to the Ukrainian communities.  The NYUSC/YCK is soon to be a non-profit organization that will provide sports programs for the community. 

UASA and NYUSC became separate corporations in 2019.

(UASA) Ukrainian American Soccer Association Acting Board - Under Construction

Wasyl Zinkewitsch, President, 516-445-3724,

Bohdan Pryjmak -Vice President and Treasurer, Youth Teams Sports Director


Nominating Committee Chairman

Stephen Atamanchuk - Vice-President (

Roman Stelmach - Secretary (

Iurii Vovk - Auditing Committee Chairman

New York Ukrainian Soccer Club/YCK Board of Directors - under construction

Other Significant Positions

Ulana Pryjmak

Ulana Pryjmak

Public Relations





The New York Ukrainian Sport Club, Inc. (NYUSC) is a non-profit corporation which was set-up to serve the community as a charitable organization. The NYUSC shall provide and organize sports programs for youth/adult male and female members in the community. Members in the sport club shall participate in the following sports and/or activities inclusive of soccer, volleyball, chess, ping pong, cultural and educational programs. The NYUSC will participate in tournaments, associations, and leagues which have similar interests and purpose. Coaching and instruction in the sport activities will be provided. The sport club will promote character building, physical, mental, and social well-being. The NYUSC will pay fees to join leagues, pay referees, and purchase uniforms.   


The New York Ukrainian Sport Club, Inc. corporation was set-up to use sports participation as a vehicle to promote a sound mind and body, social development, and democratic values.


  1. Provide our members sport participation opportunities in a structured user friendly social setting. 

  2. Provide a sense inclusiveness, family, and a second home for our participants. 

  3. Encourage high moral and ethical standards as well as sportsmanship.

  4. Ensure the NYUSC is run with fiscal responsibility.

  5. Meet the needs of diverse participants and membership.

  6. To share the love of sports among friends for the greater good of society. 

  7. Manage the sport club through openness, teamwork, honest communication, respect for all, and sound leadership.   

Addressing Narrative Part IV: Past, Present, and Future

In the past, after World War II, many Ukrainians immigrated to the United States to start a new life. They formed the Ukrainian American Soccer Association, Inc. (UASA), in 1950 as a not-for-profit corporation. The corporation started sports programs inclusive of soccer, volleyball, ping pong, and chess. They also provided English classes and U.S. history classes for citizenship. Presently, the corporation has evolved and we would like to form the New York Ukrainian Sport Club, Inc. (NYUSC) as a separate entity and a non-profit corporation. For the future, we see ourselves serving the community in this capacity. This new set-up will make us more efficacious in regard to achieving our goals and objectives in the community.   

Our location in Manhattan. We are currently getting really close to finding our new home in Brooklyn. Stay tuned!

Announcement! YCK/Ukrainian Sports Club welcomes community events! Poetry readings, workshops, fundraisers (etc) are invited. We are happy to support the community! Contact us at: 212-475-1340, send us a PM message here on FB, or send us an email at

A message from our president, Willie:

Ozzie would like to thank all of his friends for their support in his struggle dealing with a demon that is slowly taking away his memory. 

He feels strong, looks alert and wants to come home.

We are doing our best to bring him home, the Lower East Side, and his second home YCK where he belongs.

He wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. See You Soon. 

Tour Manager & Organizer Michael A. Tomaszewsky, right side of picture, presenting YCK Banner to Mayor of Ivano Frankivsk -  Rusland Martsinkiv

Tour Manager & Organizer Michael A. Tomaszewsky (volunteer of Ukrainian American Youth Association, Yonkers CYM), right side of picture, presenting YCK Banner to Mayor of Ivano Frankivsk - Rusland Martsinkiv

Both teams after Ivano Frankivsk (Ukraine) tournament, Summer 2019

CYM - Oseredok/Yonkers, NY before entering Arena Lviv for game against Karpaty FC Academy, Summer 2019