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ADULT LEAGUE  - NY Ukrainians (first team) , NY Ukrainians Reserves, NY Ukainians III

Manager: Steve Kovalenko 718–389–1621; 718 – 938–3075 (

Practices take place on Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm at McCarren Park, Brooklyn. Games via the Cosmopolitan Soccer League are typically held on Saturdays and Sundays in various locations.  More info here: NY Ukrainians, NY Ukrainians Reserves, NY Ukrainians III

YOUTH CLINIC: Soccer and Volleyball

Manager: Bohdan Pryjmak (

Our mission is to provide the Ukrainian  youth of NYC a place to  play soccer and volleyball while maintaining a focus on fundamentals and having fun.  We will be be providing quality coaching and continual skill development throughout all levels.  In staying the course of our mission, our plan is to focus on the continual skill development of the player and team work as a whole.  Our goal is to have every player noticeably develop both their technical skills and game knowledge throughout the course of the season.  In order to accomplish these goals, we will rely on the coaches to provide instruction that replicates our philosophy.  Coaches will emphasize the pursuit of fun, allow kids to be creative and take chances in order to expand and improve their skill sets, while pushing them to play outside of the comfort zone. 

We welcome your participation!  If interested to play or to coach, please contact Bohdan.

Volleyball is from 3-4:30pm for ages 13-17 at St. George Academy Gymnasium in the East Village.  Soccer is from 4:30-6pm for ages 5-12 at the John V. Lindsay East River Park Athletic Field -Grand Street Mini Soccer Field (by the Williamsburg Bridge).

NY Ukrainians: current players

Robbie Webster:    GK    
Greg Diedhiou:    D    
Mikel Gjoni:    D    
Shaun Prince Horton:    D    
Nabi Ben Bangoura:    D    
Lukasz Prawdzik:    D    
Asi Larrea-Tamayo:    D    
Ami Goguadze:    M    
Gilbert Bayonne:    M    
Jameel Yahya:    M   
Adam Maliniak:    M    
Golib Husanov:    M    
David Alkasimi:    M    
Lert Theuma:    M    
Connor Mcdermott:    M    
Will Vwaza:    M/F    
Adi Zaganjor:    F    
Francesco Ranieri:    Coach    

NY Ukrainians Reserve: current players

Lukasz  Stankowski:    GK
Jaroslaw "Jay" Maliniak:    D
Fredie  Lagos:    D
Christian Koziatek :   D
Antonio Di Campi:    D
Eric Martínez:   M/D
Kyle Keefe:   M
Marko Petkovic:    M
Kaseem "Sam" Alkasimi:   M
Jose Novas:    M
Farid Bagheri Ardestani:        M
Alex Draper:    M/F
John Salazar:   M/F
Nazar Zarichnyy:       M/F
Dmitri Jacobs:    M/F
Vasyl Yaremchuk:    M/F
Philip:        M/F
Dali Tolicki:    F
Billy Coulanges:    Coach

NY Ukrainians III: current players (under construction)

Irvin Baretto GK

Benoy Menon D

Jesse Alexander D

Valentin Deluis

Alexander Draper

Christian Gunther D

Zak Waugh D

Christopher Winters D

Alejandro Gomez M

Golib Husanov M

Connor    M

Ali Airobaie FW

Kevin FW

Fransisco Hurado M

Fransesco Taranro D

Menesky D

Casio FW

Alex Draper M

Florian M

Brian M

Klyde FW

Maxim Aubaie

David McLaughlin Head Coach