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ADULT LEAGUE  - NY Ukrainians First Team, NY Ukrainians Reserves

Manager: Steve Kovalenko 718–389–1621; 718 – 938–3075 (

Practices typically take place on Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm at McCarren Park, Brooklyn. Games via the Cosmopolitain Soccer League have been temporarily placed on hold due to COVID-19.

YOUTH LEAGUE : Soccer and Volleyball

Manager: Bohdan Pryjmak;

Our mission is to provide the Ukrainian  youth of NYC a place to  play soccer and volleyball while maintaining a focus on fundamentals and having fun.  We will be be providing quality coaching and continual skill development throughout all levels.  In staying the course of our mission, our plan is to focus on the continual skill development of the player and team work as a whole.  Our goal is to have every player noticeably develop both their technical skills and game knowledge throughout the course of the season.  In order to accomplish these golas, we will rely on the coaches to provide instruction that replicates our philosophy.  Coaches will emphasize the pursuit of fun, allow kids to be creative and take chances in order to expand and improve their skill sets, while pushing them to play outside of the comfort zone. 

We welcome your participation!  If interested to play or to coach, please contact Bohdan.

Youth league soccer and volleyball is temporarily on hold due to COVID-19. More details soon about the fall 2020 semester. Practices typically take place at  St. George Academy gymnasium, East Village (3-4:30pm vball, 4:45-6:15pm soccer).


At the Lemko Vatra Soccer Tournament, in Ellenville NY, our Adult Men's Soccer Team (aka the NY Ukrainians) did an outstanding job! Bravo to our team players that gave it their all!