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NY Ukrainians, NY Ukrainians Reserves

Manager: Steve Kovalenko 718–389–1621; 718 – 938–3075 (

Practices take place on Wednesdays Jan-Feb at 6pm, and then starting in March on Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm at McCarren Park, Brooklyn. Games via the Cosmopolitan Soccer League are typically held on Saturdays and Sundays in various locations.  More info here: 

NY Ukrainians Division 1:

NY Ukrainians Reserves Division 1:

YOUTH CLINIC: Soccer and Volleyball

Manager: Bohdan Pryjmak (

Our mission is to provide the Ukrainian  youth of NYC a place to  play soccer and volleyball while maintaining a focus on fundamentals and having fun.  We will be be providing quality coaching and continual skill development throughout all levels.  In staying the course of our mission, our plan is to focus on the continual skill development of the player and team work as a whole.  Our goal is to have every player noticeably develop both their technical skills and game knowledge throughout the course of the season.  In order to accomplish these goals, we will rely on the coaches to provide instruction that replicates our philosophy.  Coaches will emphasize the pursuit of fun, allow kids to be creative and take chances in order to expand and improve their skill sets, while pushing them to play outside of the comfort zone. 

We welcome your participation!  If interested to play or to coach, please contact Bohdan.

Volleyball is from 3-4:30pm for ages 13-17 at St. George Academy Gymnasium in the East Village.  Soccer is divided into two sessions for two different age groups. Soccer -Session I-for kids ages 5-9 is from 4:30-5:30pm and -Session II- for kids ages 10-12 from 5:30-6:30pm. Soccer during the winter cold months will be held at St. George Academy Gymnasium. We plan to move our soccer sessions outdoors to Sarah Roosevelt soccer field for the spring.

NY Ukrainians First and Reserve Teams

Want to keep up with the standings, the players, and dates/times of our Men's games? Check it out here! Join us!

NY Ukrainians Division 1:

NY Ukrainians Reserves Division 1:


GAMES: May 22, 2022 by Adam Maliniak

McCarren Park, 2pm

NY Ukrainians vs. Central Park Rangers 0-5

The NY Ukrainians were shocked by CPR this past Sunday losing 5-0. With the victory CPR clinched 1st place and automatic promotion into the 1st division. YCK had most of the possession during the game but CPR's counter attacks were clinical. CPR scored three goals in the 1st half and added another two in the second. NY Ukrainians finish the season in 2nd place and will face 3rd place Missile FC in a promotion playoff battle.

Disappointing performance influenced by the heat against an opponent who had a better physical, tactical and mental approach to the game. Congrats to CPR, a very well deserved championship! 

-Head Coach, Francesco Ranieri

Team Lineup:

(4-2-3-1) Robbie- Deyvi, Greg, Calvin, Asi- Gil, Adam (c)- John, Andras, Lukasz- Adi

Subs- Ami, Paul, Lert, Alejandro, Roman


McCarren Park, 12pm

NY Ukrainian Reserves vs. Central Park Rangers Reserves 2-3

NY Ukrainian Reserves championship hopes suffered a massive blow after losing to CPR reserves 3-2. With the loss YCK are still in 1st place with no games left to play but both NY International and CPR reserves have a game in hand and if both win, YCK could drop to 3rd place. In the first half, Dali gave NY Ukrainians the lead off a cross from Dimitri but CPR would then go on to score 3 unanswered goals. Late into the 2nd half, Jose scored assisted by Marko to make it 3-2 but it was a little too late for YCK.

We conceded 3 goals from mistakes and we missed a couple of chances with an empty net. Unfortunately, this is how it goes sometimes and now our fate will no longer be in our hands.

- Manager, Izzy Gjenasaj

Team Lineup:

(4-2-3-1) Lukasz- Freddie, Christian, Antonio, Jay (c)- Farid, Henry- Brogan, Marko, Kassim,- Dali

Subs- Dimitri, Nazar, Brian, Jose, Billy


GAMES: May 15, 2022 by Adam Maliniak

Randalls Island Field 74, 2pm

NY Ukrainians vs. Williamsburg International FC 2-0

After an impressive victory against NY International last week, YCK followed up with another win defeating Williamsburg International 2-0. In the first half, Ukrainians applied pressure and kept on the attack but Williamsburgs decision to "park the bus" paid off as the score would stay 0-0 at the half.

In the second half, super-subs Marko and Alejandro came on and it only took five minutes for them to make their mark. Alejandro blew by Williamsburgs tiring defence and found Marko who made no mistake scoring from 10 yards out. In the 73rd minute, Adam's through ball found Andras who crossed the ball to John for a header from 5 yards out, making it 2-0.

This was one of the easier games this spring. Williamsburg sat back the entire game and tried to counter but ultimately didn't have the legs to defend for all 90 minutes. We have one game left against CPR which we are looking forward to. It'll be a battle between 1st and 2nd place. We are looking for revenge as CPR beat us in the first encounter scoring two late goals, defeating us 2-1.

- Head Coach, Francesco Ranieri

Team Lineup:

(4-4-2) Robbie- Roman, Greg, Calvin, Asi- John, Gil, Andras, Adam (c)- Lukasz, Pauly

Subs- Marko, Dali, Alejandro

Randalls Island Field 74, 12pm

NY Ukrainians Reserves vs. Williamsburg International FC Reserves 2-0

NY Ukrainian Reserves defeated Williamsburg International FC Reserves 2-0 to stay atop the Reserve league standings with one more game left to play. In the first half, Dali scored his 14th goal of the season off a great pass from Dimitri. In the second half, YCK were looking to put the game to bed and in the 80th minute Farid found Brian all alone in the box who made it 2-0. CPR will visit Ukrainians next week and a win for YCK would secure the Reserve title for a 2nd straight year.

It was good to bounce back this week with a win after a devastating loss last week against NY International. Williamsburg didn't threaten much and we controlled the game from start to finish. I'm looking forward to next week against CPR with the title on the line.

- Manager, Izzy Gjenasaj

Team Lineup:

(4-2-3-1) Lukasz- Freddie, Christian, Henry, Jay (c)- Kyle, Farid- Kassim, Marko, Brian- Dali

Subs- Angelo, Dimitri, Billy, Nazar


Randalls Island Field 74, 4pm

NY Ukrainians III vs. Guyana Sunnydale Veterans FC 1-2

NY Ukrainians III lost their final game of the season 2-1 to the speedy Guyana Veterans. In the first half, YCK had a couple of chances from strikers Christian and John but couldn't get past the Guyana keeper as the half would remain scoreless. In the second half, Guyana scored two goals within ten minutes to go up by two leaving YCK scratching their heads having created more chances but nothing to show for it. In the 80th minute, first team head coach Francesco, got YCK back on track with a wondergoal, scoring a half volley from the edge of the 18 into the upper left corner. Ukrainians kept pushing for an equalizer in the final ten minutes but it just wouldn't come as the game would end, 2-1 for Guyana.

We played well but couldn't score in the first half after creating many chances. Unfortunately for us, Guyana brought their shooting boots and finished their chances today. We have progressed during the year and as a first year team I think we did ok. Our season has come to an end but I'm looking forward to next year and hopefully we'll have a committed group to compete for the top spot as expectations will be higher.

- Manager, Steve Kovalenko

Team Lineup:

(4-4-2) Irvine- Menesky, James, Rodrigo, Josh- Maxime, Ansen, Jesse (c), Elijah- John, Christian

Subs- Ali, Francesco, Ramy, Narek


GAMES: May 8, 2022 by Adam Maliniak

McCarren Park, 2pm

NY Ukrainians vs. NY International FC 3-1

After a disappointing loss to NYPD the previous week, NY Ukrainians bounced back beating NY International FC 3-1 on Sunday. It only took Ukrainians 28 seconds to get on the scoresheet, John's cross found Adi in the box who headed the ball past the keeper. In the 25th minute, 18 year old debutant Deyvi, who filled in at right back for the suspended Roman, found YCK's skipper Adam who scored a "Quaresma" type goal with the outside of the boot. In the 32nd minute, Deyvi got his second assist of the game, sending a perfect through ball to Adi who made no mistake scoring his 2nd goal of the game and 10th league goal of the season.

In the second half, Ukrainians had most of the possession and created a few more scoring opportunities but couldn't manage to capitalize. In the 86th, NY International got a consolation goal, scoring off a set-piece.

NY International were fighting for the last playoff spot and we took them out of contention, securing a playoff spot for ourselves. I am proud of the team today. Our performance in the first half was probably one of the best, if not the best this season!

- Head Coach, Francesco Ranieri

Team Lineup:

(4-2-3-1) Robbie- Deyvi, Greg, Calvin, Asi- Gil, Ami- John, Andras, Adam (c)- Adi

Subs- Brogan, Paul, Christian 


McCarren Park, 12pm

NY Ukrainian Reserves vs. NY International Reserves 1-3

NY Ukrainian Reserves 10 game winning streak came to an end this past Sunday. NY International Reserves beat NY Ukrainian Reserves 3-1, and are now only one point behind YCK who are in first with 43 points. NY Ukrainians scored first, Dali's through ball found Kyle who placed his shot into the bottom right corner. NY International would then go on to score three unanswered goals winning the game.

We hit the post and had a few more opportunities but we just couldn't score another goal after the first. NY International held on strong defensively, congrats to them on winning and making the race for the title even tighter. We still control our own destiny, win our next two games and we repeat as champs!

- Manager, Izzy Gjenasaj

Team Lineup:

(4-2-3-1) Lukasz- Freddie, Christian, Antonio, Jay (c)- Farid, Adem- Brogan, Marko, Kyle- Dali

Subs- Dimitri, Angelo, Nazar, Brian

Randalls Island Field 74, 2pm

NY Ukrainians III vs. Afghan Ittihad FC 0-1

NY Ukrainian III's were hoping to build on the teams momentum going undefeated in three games but unfortunately they would lose 1-0 to Afghan Ittihad FC. The usually reliable Irvine called out 10 minutes before the game and YCK were stuck without a goalie. Jesse filled in as goalie in the first half and Edikan volunteered to stand in goal in the second half. Ittihad's lone goal came in the second half after a long ball deflected off Rodrigo which found Ittihad's forward who went 1 on 1 with Edikan and scored. YCK had a couple of chances to tie the game but unfortunately couldn't get one past Ittihad's keeper.

Irvine had an emergency and we were forced to play outfield players in goal. We also started the game with only 10 players as we had a couple late arrivals. Next week will be our final game of the season against Guyana Sunnydale Veterans and hopefully we finish the season on a high.

- Manager, Steve Kovalenko

Team Lineup:

(4-4-2) Jesse (c)- Roman, Josh, Rodrigo, Ali- Alejandro, Felipe, Max, Edikan- Lukasz, Prince

Subs- Dimitri 


GAMES: May 1, 2022 by Adam Maliniak

Flushing Meadows, 10am

NY Ukrainians vs. NYPD 2-3

NY Ukrainians lost to host NYPD this past Sunday which brought their 8 game winning streak to an end. Some poor decisions from the referee and a couple of mistakes cost YCK. Lukasz scored in the 11th minute to get YCK on board, chipping the goalie from 35 yards away.

In the second half, NYPD answered back, scoring in the 52nd minute. In the 71st minute, Greg scored off a cross from Asi which should have stood but was unfortunately pulled back after an offside call by the linesman. A few minutes later, Roman was sent off by the ref after pushing an NYPD player. NYPD would then score 2 unanswered goals. Lukasz was also shown a soft red by the ref after a high boot challenge against an NYPD player. Down two men, John scored off a rebound in stoppage time after Andras' free kick hit the post.

Disappointing performance and result against an opponent that deserved the three points. Unfortunately, the referee also played against us but we need to stand up and focus on next week's game against NY International.

- Head Coach, Francesco Ranieri

Team Lineup:

(4-4-2) Robbie- Roman, Henry, Calvin, Asi- Lert, Andras, Adam (c), John- Lukasz, Dali

Subs- Greg, Gil

Flushing Meadows, 8am

NY Ukrainian Reserves vs NYPD Reserves 4-0

NY Ukrainian Reserves won their 10th game in a row after defeating NYPD this past Sunday.

In the first half, Dali and Marko scored their 13th and 17th goals of the season, respectively while Farid and Klye scored in the second half. Dali also added two assists while Henry and Dimitri had one apiece. The game was cut short and ended in the 70th minute after NYPD "tired out" and didn't want to continue after playing with 10 men the entire game.

NYPD couldn't field 11 men and the referee showed them mercy by allowing the game to end early. We look forward to next week as we play our rivals, NY International who currently stand in 2nd place.

- Manager, Izzy Gjenasaj

Team Lineup:

(4-2-3-1) Valentin- Freddie, Christian, Antonio, Jay (c)- Farid, Henry- Nazar, Marko, Kyle- Dali

Subs- Dimitri, Angelo

Randall's Island, Field 74, 12pm

NY Ukrainians III vs Tibet FC 2-1

NY Ukrainian III's finally got a deserved win defeating Tibet FC 2-1 after losing one and tying two the previous few weeks. The game began with a fast pace, with each team taking turns of possession, with Tibet opting to send long balls to their speedy striker, and the Ukrainians choosing to build up from the back and move the ball out to the corners. About 20 minutes in, this strategy paid off for the Ukrainians, as a whooped in cross was misplayed by a Tibet defender for an own goal. Shortly after that, Jesse intercepted a pass about 35 yards out, saw the keeper out and chipped the ball just under the crossbar to go up 2-0.

The second half was a bit lackluster for the Ukrainians, who struggled to keep its shape as it had in the 1st and even with a Tibet player being shown a straight red, YCK was unable to find a third goal. Late in the half Ukrainians conceded a penalty, and ultimately that's how it ended 2-1.

We finally won a game since the season resumed in the spring. I see a lot of progression and hopefully we win out the remaining two games this year.

- Manager, Steve Kovalenko

Team Lineup:

(4-4-2) Irvin- Josh, Rodrigo, Ansen, James- John, Jesse (c), Ramy, Elijah- Prince, Xavi

Subs- Golib, Ali, Nick, Alejandro



GAMES: Sunday April 10, 2022 by Adam Maliniak

McCarren Park, 2pm

NY Ukrainians III vs. Yemen FC 

Team Lineup:

(4-2-3-1) Irvin- Menesky, Alex, John, Josh- Ansen, Rodrigo- Ali, Jesse(c), Edward- Nick

Subs- Elijah, Felipe

NY Ukrainian III's hosted Yemen FC at McCaren Park in the quarter-finals of the Strumpf Cup and lost 4-1 this past Sunday. The game was even until the 39th minute when Yemen FC's striker scored a nicely placed shot from 20 yards out. Yemen then doubled their lead on the last play of the first half.

The second half didn't go as planned either. In the 48th minute, Yemen FC made it 3-0. Ukrainians were handed a life-line by Elijah who provided a spark on the wing and drew a penalty in the 50th minute. Elijah stepped up to take the penalty and sent the keeper the other way. Yemen then scored a 4th late into the game to make it 4-1, ending the game.

NY Ukrainians defeated South Jamaica Portuguese, NY Pancyprians II and Panatha before being eliminated by Yemen FC.

We had a lot of depth at defense but we didn't have a striker for the game which hurt us in the final third. We fought hard but we do have a few older players and 40 year old bodies do not do well chasing 20 year olds for 90 minutes. Unfortunately, our faster players were injured at the moment so we couldn't match Yemen's speed.

- Head Coach, David

We made the quarter-finals of the State Cup so we're slowly progressing to where we need to be. We were struggling for players since the season has resumed due to players moving, injuries and other things but we have made a few good new signings and will continue to improve as the season progresses.

-Manager, Steve Kovalenko


GAMES: Sunday April 3, 2022 by Adam Maliniak

McCarren Park, 2pm

NY Ukrainians vs. Block FC 5-0

NY Ukrainians easily defeated Block FC 5-0, scoring four in the first half and adding another in the second. John scored first in the 2nd minute assisted by Adi, Adi then followed up with his own goal in the 20th minute assisted by Roman. A minute later, Roman found Andras who struck a brillant 30 yard shot into the upper left corner. In the 37th minute, Ami scored from 20 yards out after a nice layoff from Adam.

In the second half, Ukrainians could've added a few more goals but Block's goalie made some terrific saves. In the 83rd minute Pauly scored the final goal of the game assisted by Lukasz P.

This was one of the best first half performances of the season with individual quality plays and cohesive combinations. Five victories in a row since the season has resumed and five more to go!

- Head Coach, Francesco Ranieri

Team Lineup:

(4-2-3-1) Lukasz S- Roman, Ben, Calvin, Asi- Gil, Ami- Adam (c), Andras, John- Adi

Subs- Lukasz P, Pauly, Lert, Justin


McCarren Park, 12pm

NY Ukrainian Reserves vs Block FC Reserves 9-0

NY Ukrainian Reserves thrashed Block's Reserves, 9-0. Ukrainians have now scored 61 goals this season, leading the division. Four goals were scored in the 1st half and then another five in the 2nd. On the scoresheet were Marko (3), Brogan (2), Kyle, Jose, Dali and Farid. The assists were led by Dali (3), Brogan (2), Adem, Jay, Kassim, and Farid.

I'd like to thank Francesco for helping us out with coaching on the day since Billy and Izzy were away. We had a great team performance and a great conversion rate. International beat CPR so we are now five points clear in first place. Let's keep the momentum going boys!

- Captain, Jay

Team Lineup:

(4-2-3-1) Lukasz, Freddie, Henry, Adem, Jay(c)- Farid, Kyle- Brogan, Marko, Kassim- Dali

Subs- Nazar, Dimitri, Jose

Kaiser Park, 7pm

NY Ukrainian III vs Brooklyn Bound SC 2-2

NY Ukrainian III's tied Brooklyn Bound 2-2 on a cold and windy night at Kaiser Park.

The game started with a very aggressive "Brooklyn Bound" team. With a ten MPH wind behind them,  they took advantage of a mistouch in defense, and came inside and scored by hitting the ball across to the opposite side of goal, and scoring an early one from a few yards out.  

Bound 1- 0 YCK

The number of aggressive fouls started with Bound pushing, grabbing, and kicking, and the ref missed many calls. Jesse got fouled but got even with several Bound players with his own brand of aggression. Boris kept the midfield feeding the forwards, and Dan took the hardest blast of the game from outside the box, and rang it off the right upright and it rebounded far back into the field. Brooklyn Bound had a few chances but Irvin tidied them up neatly.

Ramy made many great runs and crosses and several attempts just missed. Nacer fought for the ball and took fouls at midfield. Christian helped our battles in midfield.

But the big story was defense and midfield in an all out war with Brooklyn Bound playmakers.  Ansen, Nick, John, Mamadu and Menesky  played hard and fast. Menesky showed the heart of a lion using his body in his first game in a long time!

By the end of the 1st Half, YCK were awarded one of several free kicks from outside the penalty area. Mamadou kicked a very hard shot directly toward the goal and the keeper made the save but gave a rebound which after a flurry of blocked shots, John and the CB jumped on and put in from close range!  All tied up! 

Bound 1 -1 YCK

The half ended with Ramy getting kicked in the knee by friendly fire!  Hugo and he both went for a loose ball inside and Hugo got an unintentional piece of him. Jesse got kicked and held, Elijah and our Defenders John Nick and Ansen and Menesky got fouled, but dished it out too!

Halftime 1 - 1 

The second half meant a 15 MPH wind at our backs, which helped keep the ball on Bounds half. Several of our forwards got shots but missed wide, or the play got intercepted by a fast BB team. Christian played both forward and center mid to help YCK dominate with great tackles by Jesse, Nacer, and Boris.YCK were definitely getting more chances than B Bound, but then Josh took a blow to the head which resulted in a big knot on his cheekbone and he came out of the game, after great play at midfield.  

With long kicks by Irwin and Nick, forwards Hugo and Dan created more chances with wingers Mamadu and Elijah controlling the wings. Finally after several attempts, Hugo broke through with a close in shot, and the keeper was fooled and he scored.

B Bound 1 - 2 YCK

Bound stormed back and made several shots, both low and high corner aimed rockets, which Irvin made David DeGea style jumping saves! They would have scored if not for a completely extended Irwin body! Two Amazing saves!

Holding the lead for a while, Ukrainians kept pressing, but Bound did not break under the pressure, Then Bound set up for a free kick about 30 yards out. A cross inside pinballed  around and then went to a forward for B Bound who came back from an offside position! He was offside but the Ref didn't see it! The goal from a few yards was allowed to stand!  The defense all had their hands up for offside, but the Ref ignored them.

B Bound 2 - 2 YCK 

At the end the Referee announced 2 minutes of extra time which I believe was for the benefit of Brooklyn Bound, because they were on the attack. Our defense played safe and used the wind to use up time. Time was up and we tied a very hard fought game. It was probably the most physical match of the year.  It was very unlucky that we gave up 2 goals that allowed the tie.  

We definitely had the better of the scoring chances. And considering very few players had played together, it was a good match that we could have, and should have won.

Players kicked or fouled hard included Jesse, Ramy. Josh, Dan, Hugo, Menesky, Prince... maybe more.

-Coach David McLaughlin

Manager Steve Kovalenko

Team Lineup:

(4-4-2) Irvin- Ansen, Nick, John, Mamadou- Ramy, Boris, Jesse, Elijah- Hugo, Dan

Subs- Menesky, Josh, Prince, Christian, Nacer


GAMES: Sunday March 29, 2022 by Adam Maliniak

Randalls Island Field 74, 2pm

NY Ukrainians vs. Japan FC 5-2

After going down 2 goals in 20 minutes, NY Ukrainian firsts managed to prevail scoring 5 unanswered goals winning the game, 5-2. Japan started off with immense pressure and scored in the 4th minute after a mistake in the backline. Ukrainians dominated possession and created a few chances but couldn't manage to score. Japan scored another goal in the 20th minute when Ukrainians were caught in possession and Japan countered on the break making it 2-0. A few minutes later, the comeback began. Greg (came late) and John were inserted into the game and provided an instant impact. John stole the ball from Japan's defender and then crossed the ball to the skipper, Adam, who scored from a few yards out. Andras then tied the game at two a piece after burying a cross from Adam. Adi made it three just before the half, finishing a through ball from Andras.

In the second half, Ukrainians managed to score two more goals. John scored a nice header off a corner from Andras. Adi later got his brace, scoring from 20 yards out assisted by Lert. Ukrainians are now comfortably in 2nd place, three points ahead of International and a few points shy of CPR for 1st.

The team showed strong resiliency and mentality after a rocky first 20 minutes, these are the characteristics of a winning team. Another crucial three points towards the promotion race! 

- Head Coach, Francesco Ranieri

Team Lineup:

(4-2-3-1) Lukasz S- Roman, Ben, Calvin, Asi- Gil, Ami- Lukasz, Andras, Adam (c)- Adi

Subs- Greg, John, Brogan, Lert


Randalls Island Field 74, 12pm

NY Ukrainian Reserves vs. Japan FC Reserves 2-1

Ukrainian Reserves beat Japan's Reserves 2-1 to stay atop in the Reserve standings. Dali scored first assisted by Kassim. Kassim then scored Ukrainians winning goal assisted by Farid. Although the scoreline was close Ukrainians dominated the game from start to finish.

We should have had 5 or 6 more goals but we got the three points and are still in first place. We need to keep the momentum going with a win against Black FC next week.

- Manager, Izzy Gjenasaj

Team Lineup:

(4-2-3-1) Lukasz- Freddie, Christian, Adem, Jay(c)- Farid, Kyle- Brogan, Makro, Kassim- Dali

Subs- Billy, Brian, Vasyl, Angelo


Kingsborough Community College, 5:15pm

NY Ukrainians III vs. Brooklyn City FC 0-6

NY Ukrainian 3's have unfortunately lost their third straight game. The lack of a full squad and traveling away to KCC played a role in the defeat. This is now the 2nd straight week Ukrainian 3's have had only 8 players at kick-off. Brooklyn City scored three in the first half and then added another 3 in the second.

We had some transportation problems and also a couple of players went to the wrong field. I was very disappointed with the lack of confusion but I want to thank the players who came on time.

- Manager, Steve Kovalenko

Team Lineup:

Irvine- Ali, Jesse(c), Alex- Ramy, Edikan, Felipe- Blake

Subs, came late- Eduard, Dayvi


GAMES: Sunday March 20, 2022 by Adam Maliniak

Joseph T. St. Lawrence Sports Complex, 6pm

NY Ukrainians vs. Missile FC 1-0

NY Ukrainians traveled away to Missile FC and managed to squeak by 1-0 in a tightly contested matchup. The game could've gone either way as Missile FC had 2 glorious one on one opportunities but Lukasz came up with two great saves. Ukrainians had their fair share of chances as well but none of the Ukrainian attackers could find the net. In the second half, a clumsy challenge by a Missile FC defender resulted in a red card and a penalty kick. Gil stepped up and made no mistake sending the keeper the wrong way. Although down a man, Missile's speedy front three were still threatening to score but Ukrainians backline held strong and kept another clean sheet. Defenders, Greg and Ben were the teams co-MVPs on the night.

I am proud to see the team fighting with such hard work, determination and sense of sacrifice. These are a crucial three points conquered in the home of one of our direct competitors. We need to keep building on this momentum.

- Head Coach, Francesco Ranieri

Team Lineup:

(4-4-2) Lukasz S- Ben, Calvin, Greg, Asi- Gil(c), Andras, Roman, John- Lukasz P, Adi

Subs- Brian, Ami


Joseph T. St. Lawrence Sports Complex, 4pm

NY Ukrainian Reserves vs. Missile FC Reserves 3-1

NY Ukrainian Reserves are still in first place, two points clear of CPR after defeating Missile's reserves 3-1. Brian, Brogan and Kassim scored assisted by Marko (2) and Jay, respectively.

We knew we'd be short on numbers today with only 13 players available. That didn't stop us from creating chances and dominating. Although we scored three, we should've scored much more.

- Manager, Izzy Gjenasaj

Team Lineup:

(4-2-3-1) Lukasz- Freddie, Christian, Henry, Jay(c)- Brogan, Kyle- Brian, Marko, Kassim- Dali

Subs- Nazar, Billy


Randalls Island Field 75, 12pm

NY Ukrainians III vs. Iberia 0-2

Ukrainian thirds lost to first place Iberia 2-0. Unfortunately, only 9 players showed up to play. Although down 2 players, Ukrainians put up a great fight, almost scoring first in the 25th minute but Eduard's shot went just wide. The game was 0-0 at the half. In the second half, Iberia scored a goal on the break but should've been called back for offsides as their forward was a couple yards off. Iberia then scored towards the end to make it 2-0, finishing the game.

I called 20+ players on Saturday and we had 12 players confirm. Having only 9 players was pretty disappointing considering we have 26 players on the team. We have a very talented group and can beat any team in our division, if our players show up. I am proud of the 9 who came and gave it their all. The game could've ended differently if we had at least two more players. The referee also blew an offside call which changed the game. Rodrigo was a rock in the back. Felipe held his own at defensive mid and drew many fouls. Eduard and Ramy were dangerous on the wings but ultimately tired legs got us towards the end.

- Head Coach, David McLaughlin

Team Lineup:

(3-4-1) Irvin- Ansen, Rodrigo, Josh- Eduard, Felipe, Jesse(c), Ramy- Altin


GAME: Sunday March 13, 2022 by Adam Maliniak

Randalls Island, Field 82, 4pm

NY Ukrainians vs. Desportiva Sociedad 1-0

Randalls Island, Field 82, 2pm

NY Ukrainian Reserves vs. Desportiva Sociedad Reserves 5-0

Randalls Island, Field 75, 8pm

NY Ukrainians III vs. Yemen FC 2-6

NY Ukrainians 1sts defeated Desportiva Sociadad 1-0. The game was live streamed by Game in Frame, sponsored by SV Yellow Hook to help raise funds for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. YCK could've scored a few goals in the first few minutes as the biggest chance came in the 2nd minute when Adam shot was cleared by a Desportiva defender on the goal line which went straight to Adi for a rebound but his shot went over the bar. Gil almost scored another wonder-strike similar to last week's wonder goal against the Celtics but Desportiva's goalie made a world class save. Ukrainians lone goal came in the 30th minute when Adi headed a ball to Andras who made no mistake scoring from 5 yards out. In the second half, Gil could've made it 2-0 but his penalty kick was saved by Deportiva's keeper, who had a great game.

Another important 3 points in the run towards promotion. The team did not perform at the best of its capability but showed character in taking the victory home.

- Francesco Ranieri (Head Coach)

1st team Lineup:

(4-2-3-1)Lukasz S- Lukasz P, Calvin, Ben, Asi- Gil, Ami- Adam, Andras, John- Adi

Subs- Lert, Roman(c)


NY Ukrainians Reserves had another strong week, defeating Desportiva Reserves 5-0. They have now scored 14 goals in 2 games. In the 20th minute, Kyle scored the first goal of the game assisted by Brogan. In the second half, Ukrainians began to threaten Desportiva's defence a bit more. Brogan scored the second goal of the game by heading the ball into the back of the net assisted by Marko. Ukrainians then made it 3-0 when Kassems through ball found Dali who placed his shot into the bottom corner. A few minutes later, Dali stole the ball from Desportivas goalie and found Brogan for an easy tap-in. Ukrainians made it 5-0 when Brogan scored a header off a cross from Kassim.

We started off slow in the first half but then we got it together in the second half and dominated. We have been a free-scoring team since the season has resumed and I hope we can continue the momentum next week.

- Izzy Gjenasaj (Reserve Manager)

Reserve Lineup:

(4-2-3-1) Lukasz- Fredie, Christian, Adem, Jay(c)- Henry, Farid- Kyle, Marko, Brogan- Kassem

Subs- Dali, Brian, Prince


NY Ukrainians III had a frustrating night when only 12 of 18 confirmed players showed up. Another arrived at half-time to make it 13. Were the call outs because of the snow? Probably. This resulted in a big 6-2 loss against the speedy Yemen FC squad. Yemen scored first fairly quickly, in the 15th minute Yemen's striker scored off a rebound. A few minutes later Nick scored a header to tie it up at one a piece. Yemen made it 2-1 just a minute later and then 3-1 right before the half. In the second half, Yemen scored another 3 goals to make it 6 goals on the night and Ali got Ukrainians 2nd goal but nothing more than a consolation.

We had some great play from a sub goalie and great heart from three players, Dayvi, Prince and Kassim who had played a previous game. We had two great header goals from crosses but ultimately with all the last second call-outs we had a tough time keeping up with Yemen's pacey players.

- David McLaughlin (Head Coach)

Ukrainians III Lineup:

(4-4-2) Valentin- Ansen, Alex, Dayvi, Prince- Ramy, Jesse(c), Elijah, Narek- Kassim, Mamadou

Subs- Ali, Nick, Emerson


GAMES: Sunday March 6, 2022 by Adam Maliniak

Great Sunday for our NY Ukrainian teams as both our 1sts and reserves defeated Manhattan Celtics, 6-1 and 9-0 respectively.

First team started slowly as only 9 first team players came before kick-off. A few reserves who had already played 90 minutes had to stay to help out. Celtics got on board first off a set-piece that was poorly defended. After a few decent half chances, Ukrainians finally equalized right before halftime when Adi scored a rebound after a great strike from Andras which the goalie parried straight to Adi.

In the second half, Gil gave Ukrainians the lead after a wonder strike from 35 yards out. YCK then turned on the heat scoring four goals in a 20-minute stretch. Adi scored his second goal of the evening, Brian off a put back, Andras from 20 yards out and last but not least Ben got a nice birthday gift scoring from the penalty spot.

Post-match interview:

I am proud the team showed character after a slow start. We found our shape and were determined to start the fall season strong with a convincing 3 points against a decent opponent!

- Franceso Ranieri (NY Ukrainians 1sts Head Coach)

1st team Line-up

Lukasz- Roman, Adem, Ben, Asi- Gil, Ami, Adam (c)- John, Lukasz, Adi

Subs: Calvin, Andras, Greg, Brian

Ukrainian Reserves demolished Manhattan Celtic Reserves. In the 7th minute, Adems free-kick found player of the game, Brogan, who headed the ball past the keeper. Kassim made it 2-0 when he scored off a cross from Brian. Brogan scored the next two goals for YCK to make it 4-0. Marko then scored the 5th goal right before halftime.

In the 2nd half, YCK reserves then went on to score four more goals as Kassim and Marko scored their 2nd goals of the evening. Dali then scored the 8th goal off a rebound and finally Brogan scored his 4th and final goal of the game after a nice team build-up.

Post-match interview:

The guys won the game early, scoring many goals. I like that the team kept the intensity the entire 90 minutes and didn't concede a goal.

-Izzy Gjenashi (NY Ukrainians Reserve Manager)

Reserve Line-up

Lukasz- Fredde, Christian, Adem, Jay (c)- Henry, Brogan, Brian, Marko, Kassim- Dali

Subs: Dimitri, Francesco, Angelo